What are the BEST Supplements?

  We work quite a bit with food supplements in the office to aid in supporting people’s bodies toward better health. But there is a caveat – some supplements are superior to others. Before we dive into which ones to choose, we must first need to understand how the body utilizes them. There are various types […]

What I Learned from Detoxing

Why I Get To Detox? Detoxing Your Life, Your Home, and Your Body Sometimes I get on these detox kicks – I will decide to have closet decluttering: one shirt is no longer a great wear and all of a sudden half my closet is tossed across the floor in separated piles (1- Goodwill, 1- […]

How to DeSeed a Pomegranate

  Let’s talk pomegranates. They are: delicious packed with nutrients (who knew those little nuggets could be made of so many good things– Vitamins K, C, B, Folate, Phosphorus, etc.) and indicative that fall/winter are on their way (pomegranate season grows from October through February)! Here’s the thing with them, though. These seeds are a […]

3 Tips for Easy Grocery Shopping Made Easy!

  Do you ever make it to the store and feel utterly overwhelmed by the plethora of options and/or people? Or do you simply avoid the shopping chore altogether for this very reason? (Although, I must say I am quite the opposite, and I thoroughly enjoy my shopping trips. It’s like therapy for me — […]

What To Eat When Stuck in the Airport?

  Happy Fall! Where the heck did the summer go? My teacher friends are already talking about finals and Fall Breaks. You always hear that as you get older, time seems to go by faster. How fast is it going to go when I am double my age?! That is why living— and actually experiencing […]